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Song Samples:
Camp Twilight
Song Samples:
Always an Adventure
Song Samples:
All in the Blood
Song Samples:
Going Batty
Song Samples:
The Boy is Mine
Song Samples:
Gonna Be a Hit
Song Samples:
This Hasn't Been My Day
Song Samples:
I Will Wait for Him
Song Samples:
I Gotta Howl
Song Samples:
Whatever You Say
Song Samples:
Won't You Be Mine
Song Samples:
Finale - Camp Twilight

Camp Twilight: The Musical

Age Level: All Ages
Cast: 13F, 9M
Time: About 90 minutes, 2 acts

This camp promises teens a summer adventure - and it delivers! There’s a werewolf howling at the moon, and he’s a camp counselor! The newest camper, Eduardo, appears to be a vampire. But camper Nell falls for him anyway to the dismay of Deena, the hottest camper at Twilight. They don’t know that the camp’s pesky bats are really Eduardo’s mom and dad. Songs include: "Camp Twilight," "Always an Adventure," "All in the Blood," "Going Batty," "The Boy is Mine," "Gonna Be a Hit," "This Hasn’t Been My Day," "Won’t You Be Mine," "I Will Wait for Him" and "I Gotta Howl." As midnight approaches under a full moon, the adventures come to a howling climax. Werewolves, vampires, assassins, campers and counselors are tossed into a comedy blender and come out laughing! Lots of funny lines and hilarious situations for everyone. Easy to stage with one set.

This title is now carried by Pioneer Drama Service.  Click here to order on Pioneer's web site.