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Costumes, Accessories, Props, and Stage Illusions Made Easy
By: Barb Rogers
This book’s numerous drawings explain in detail the costuming process of "turning straw into gold."

Costuming Made Easy
By: Barb Rogers
How to make theatrical costumes from cast-off clothing.

Elegantly Frugal Costumes
By: Shirley Dearing
How to make costumes for plays, pageants, and musicals at the lowest possible expense.

Instant Period Costumes
By: Barb Rogers
How to make classic costumes from cast-off clothing.

Introduction to Stage Lighting
By: Charles I. Swift
Everything you always wanted toknow about theatrical stage lighting but were too afraid to ask!

By: Cindy Marcus
A parent’s and teacher’s guide to putting on a play

The Prop Master
By: Amy Mussman , Illustrated by James Mussman
A guidebook for successful theatrical prop management

The Prop Master -- DVD
By: Amy Mussman and James Mussman
A comprehensive video for theatrical prop management

Self-Supporting Scenery for Children’s Theatre … and Grown-Ups’, Too
By: James Hull Miller
How to construct free-standing scenery to convert any space into a theatre.

Small Stage Sets on Tour
By: James Hull Miller
A practical guide to portable stage sets.

Stage Lighting in the Boondocks
By: James Hull Miller
A guide to achieving professional-quality lighting within the limitations of school auditoriums, community theatres, and churches.

Stagecraft 1
By: William H. Lord

The what, when, and why of stagecraft.