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The Ultimate Young Actors Guide
Getting the role and making it shine

By Cindy Marcus


Cover of
Written to encourage eager young actors who want to learn the secrets of acting before they even get their driver’s license, this brand new book has the perfect combination of insightful, informative teaching and light-hearted spirit.  Cindy Marcus, a writer, producer, actor, director and in-demand acting coach, shares what she’s learned while training teen actors at her national teen theatre, Showdown.  Showdown’s acting approach focuses on self-exploration; the more you know about who you are, the more you have to bring to the role.  So this highly readable guide starts with a chapter entitled “Who Are You?”, then progresses through auditioning, approaching a role, acting through song and dance, rehearsals and performance.  Hollywood trivia, gold star and silver latte celebrations, and aha moments are sprinkled throughout the book to keep 12 to 16 year olds engaged and having fun while learning and developing their ability to do what they love...  to act.

(119 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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