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Tough Acts to Follow
Seventy-five monologs for teens

By Shirley Ullom


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Honest...  outspoken...  hilarious...  rude...  outrageous...  emotional...  inquisitive...  These engaging monologs take a strong look at teenage attitudes, lifestyles and problems.  It focuses on those classic teenage quirks and idiosyncrasies–those weird, quirky qualities that make them teenagers.  A sequel to Shirley Ullom’s top-selling book, Get in the Act, this is an unbeatable resource for drama contests, auditions and discussion starters.  With more than 30 monologs for guys, just as many for girls and another dozen for either, you’ll find tons of humor as well as dramatic pieces dealing with death, gangs, eating disorders, dropouts and more.  These monologs will make teenagers stop and think about themselves.  So put some teenage hormonal breath into these characters, ’cause after all, they’re Tough Acts to Follow!

(168 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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