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Speaking Out: An Introduction to Public Speaking
A student-friendly guide to public speaking

By Michael Gallagher


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Learning to feel comfortable with public speaking positively impacts students’ school and future career success.  In this introductory text, Michael Gallagher emphasizes speaking both as a life skill and as an activity for competitive Speech and Debate events.

The book is divided into four sections:  Getting Started, The Basics, Competitive Speaking Events, and Honing Your Skills.  In these four sections are 30 chapters that cover all the basics of public speaking, from the vocabulary of speech and debate to how to develop listening skills.  Included in the book are learning games, information about group dynamics, visual aids, nonverbal communication exercises, readers theatre, and choral reading.  Section Three specifically teaches students about various competitive speaking events such as original oratory, extemporaneous speaking, policy debate, and Lincoln-Douglas debate and includes exercises and activities for preparation.  Two appendices — one with reproducible forms, worksheets and handout and the other with additional notes for the teacher — add value to this comprehensive, student-friendly guide to public speaking.

(184 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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