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Fifty short and witty satirical sketches

By John Dessler and Lawrence Phillis


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These super-funny sketches are short, incisive, and certain to challenge any actor or audience.  Actors have the chance to perform wildly different character types in off-the-wall situations.  Imagine ants, fish, and other unlikely creatures satirizing everything we consider normal and acceptable!  Other spoofs in the collection parody many of the sacred icons of our everyday life.  The easy reference guide at the back of the book indicates the cast size, comedy style, difficulty, props, costumes, and premise for each of the 50 skits.  Most require a cast size of four to eight actors, though some scenes call for smaller or larger casts.  Likewise, while difficulty ranges from “basic” to “challenging,” the majority of these skits are “medium.”  No matter their size or difficulty, these sketches are a supernova of fun for classroom actors or for a repertory group of performers!

(256 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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