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The Prop Master
A guidebook or DVD for successful theatrical prop management

By Amy Mussman


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Whether you are a professional, volunteer, or student properties master, this guide — available as either a book or as a DVD — will take you through the necessary steps of thought and action needed to be a top-notch prop master in the theatrical world.  The book/DVD focuses on describing the duties of a prop master that go above and beyond the actual building processes and will help you understand the importance of being a well-prepared, knowledgeable member of any production team.  While the information provided in this resource is based on a standard professional model, the processes and strategies are universal and can be applied to any production environment.  This comprehensive guide clearly defines all the responsibilities of the job in action, including sections on interacting with other people, a successful work environment, the prop shop, the building process, rehearsals and performances, safety, timeless tips and techniques, and more!

(185 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback; DVD approx.  75 minutes)

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