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Plays of Science & Invention
21 Fascinating Scenes for the Classroom or Stage

By Thomas Hischak


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Throughout the ages, men and women have gone beyond what was only previously observed to discover scientific breakthroughs and create new inventions.  The 21 short plays in this collection seek to humanize science by looking at these advances from the point of view of both famous and unknown men and women.  They go as far back as the ancient world and continue into the modern age.  This anthology explores various branches of science — from physics and medicine to astronomy and even cryptology — making important scientific concepts and notable scientists more real by dramatizing them.  Each play runs between eight and ten minutes with a cast size of two to five characters, and has simple costume, prop, and set listings.  Especially ideal for STEM or STEAM middle and high schools, the stage directions and production notes help students visualize the scene, even if simply being read in class.  The “Background” before each play gives information about the scientist, that particular aspect of science, or the historical context of the drama to follow.  The “Aftermath” that concludes each play explains what happened after the moments captured in the drama.  These sections help students better understand and appreciate how the events of the play fit into the world of science and history as a whole.

(182 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

Hardcover edition also available.  Please call for pricing and details.

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