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New One-Act Plays for Acting Students
A new anthology of complete one-act plays for one, two, or three actors

Edited by Deb Bert and Norman A. Bert


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This latest volume in a series of short play anthologies compiled by Deb and Norman Bert provides roles for almost any mix of students in an acting class.  The plays in this drama book range in mood from serious and heavy to satiric comedy and farce.  The heart of the book includes 15 scripts for two actors and five scripts for three actors.  All the plays are eight to 15 minutes long and offer balanced roles with no walk-on parts.  The playwrights are icons of the American avant garde, writers who have contributed much to regional theatre over recent years.  An excellent resource for classrooms and festival competition use, five monologues plus an extensive chapter about rehearsing add value to this book.  A bibliography and guidelines on securing the rights to these scripts are also included.

(248 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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