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New International Plays for Young Audiences
Plays of cultural conflict

Edited by Roger Ellis


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Professors and teachers have a responsibility to introduce students to experiences outside of their normal realm of existence and hopefully teach tolerance in the process.  Studying varied cultures and societies through plays bring the events of foreign worlds to western students in a format that is easily accepted and absorbed.  This unique anthology of 12 complete plays, both comic and dramatic, represents several countries, including:  Croatia, Italy, New Zealand (Maori), Australia and Canada.  Each play has a significant number of roles for use in your classroom and also includes a suggestion of age appropriateness.  Two plays are appropriate for students as young as 10, two more for readers or actors as young as 13, six for older teens and two for young adults.  This significant anthology reflecting globalization and cultural conflict is a valuable learning tool for classes in literature, social studies, or theatre. 

(568 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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