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Introduction to Stage Lighting
The fundamentals of theatre lighting design

By Charles I. Swift


Cover of
Intended as a text for those who are developing their craft in the field of stage lighting design, this book also can serve as a reference for drama teachers and directors who wish to expand their insight into the total process of stage lighting design.  The focus of this book is on the process of design rather than the latest developments in lighting and control technology.  Effective design, after all, relies more on a thoughtful approach to the work than on the ever-expanding capabilities of the fixtures.  Twelve chapters are divided into three sections.  First, Tools and Terminology covers all of the basics-lighting fixtures, how stage lights work, terminology and the quality of light.  Next, Manipulating the Light addresses the controllable qualities of light-angle, intensity, movement and color-as well as developing the lighting key.  The final portion of the book devotes itself to the Collaborative Process, since no lighting director should ever work in a vacuum.  Enhanced with 40 illustrations and photos, this is an indispensable reference.

(176 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

Hardcover edition also available.  Please call for pricing and details.

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