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Introduction to Readers Theatre
A guide to classroom performance

By Gerald Lee Ratliff


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Today’s readers theatre is engaged in the exciting pursuit of a more contemporary self-definition, and some of the more theatrical trends of classroom performance are reflected in this book of basic practices and principles.  The focus here is on translating primary readers theatre principles into classroom performance practices that feature performers artistically transforming literary figures or images into flesh-and-blood character portraits and visual pictures.  This current, more theatrical approach is developed through the six chapters:  Introduction to Readers Theatre, Selecting and Analyzing Literature, Adapting Literature, Playing Space and Staging, Classroom Exercises, and Sample Performance Scripts.  This fine text includes many royalty-free script adaptations for performers and audiences of all ages as well as an extensive listing of source material ideas to further develop your own readers theatre.

(312 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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