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Improvisations in Creative Drama
A program of workshops and dramatic sketches for students

By Betty Keller


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This versatile text gives you two books in one!  The first half of the book is composed of an ordered sequence of two dozen workshops in Creative Drama, introduced by a few words on the mechanics of classroom management and student preparation.  Although some of the activities may appear frivolous on the surface, they conceal a deeper purpose:  to lure your students into an addiction to drama and theatre!  Each lesson plan is explained in detail yet invites teachers to put their own personal touch on it.  While written for young teens, these lessons have been used with little modification for everyone from seven-year-olds to adults.

The second half of the book consists of fourteen dramatic short plays.  Written for two or three actors with running times of five to twelve minutes, each skit is accompanied by extensive production notes.  Besides providing staging details, these notes offer discussion suggestions to involve the entire class and tie-ins to the lessons of the first half of the book.

An ideal classroom text, the two halves of the book can be used simultaneously, with the dramatic sketches reinforcing the skills introduced in the lessons.

(192 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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