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Great Scenes from Minority Playwrights
Seventy-four scenes of cultural diversity

Edited by Marsh Cassady


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Theatrical author Marsh Cassady has brought together seventy-four diverse scenes from plays by minority playwrights.  These scenes, designed for students, will help to build an awareness of cultural diversity in American theatre.  Providing a stepping stone to the study of minority writing, this book presents scenes for acting and directing practice.  Instead of isolated cuttings from a large number of plays, a number of scenes from single plays are included.  Students get a more comprehensive view of each drama, as well as a better feeling for the playwright’s style and message.  Scenes range from less than two minutes to ten or more minutes.  Each is preceded by background information and discussion/analysis to help develop characterizations.  Each play, playwright and minority category is examined in historical and cultural perspective This comprehensive scenebook covers a diverse collection of theatre:  Native-American, African-American, Hispanic, Jewish American, and Asian-American.

(352 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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