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Grammar Wars II
How to integrate improvisation and language arts

By Tom Ready


Cover of
A companion text to the original Grammar Wars, this sequel is actually two books in one.  First, this second volume presents 130 brand new games, many suggested by teachers taking Tom Ready’s Grammar Wars workshops.  But in leading those workshops, Ready discovered that his first book didn’t answer all the teachers’ questions.  Thus, the second aspect of this book attempts to do so, explaining exactly what the subtitle says:  how to integrate improvisation and language arts.  Ready provides a more thorough explanation of several introductory games, along with lists of the productive and defensive behaviors that students will exhibit in the performance of these games.  Since one goal of this book is to provide an effective method for teaching with the goal of producing observable, performance-based skills, it also covers types of learning (memorization, understanding, and application) and how to measure new learning.  Ultimately, this text answers the most important question:  Why Grammar Wars?

(208 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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