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Everything About Theatre
Student Edition / Teacher’s Resource

By Robert L. Lee


Cover of
Student Edition:  $19.95 (224 pages, 6 x 9, paperback)

The purpose of a high school drama or theatre arts program is to introduce students to as many aspects of drama as possible, to allow them to experience for themselves the diversity and excitement of theatre and to encourage them to develop the love of theatre which is necessary for the successful production of a play at any level.  So here it is, all in one book-a complete overview of all aspects of theatre!  The history, the crafts, and the art of the stage are presented in eighteen easy-to-understand units.  Theatre history in four parts gives the text an orderly structure.  Between these ”family album” sections are chapters on acting, improvisation, makeup, lighting, props, costumes, and more.  Each craft is described with examples, illustrations, and hands-on exercises where appropriate.  To guide any director or teacher in introducing students to theatre, this is an incredibly comprehensive survey of the arts and crafts of the stage.

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Teacher’s Resource:  $22.95 (148 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback)

A companion guide to the student edition, this aid consists solely of convenient, camera-ready quizzes and tests for all major units.  Answer keys are provided, along with detailed descriptions for evaluating essay responses.  This collection of assessments will literally save you hours and hours of work if you’re using Everything About Theatre! as a classroom text.

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