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Behind the Scenes
Improvising Long Form

By Mick Napier
Foreword by Bob Odenkirk


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In this follow-up to his highly regarded book Improvise.  Scene from the Inside Out, globally acclaimed improviser, director, and instructor Mick Napier focuses on the complexities and theories of long form improvisation.  This extended form of improvisation invites performers to be inspired for at least thirty minutes by a single suggestion as they push their creativity to the limit.

Napier taps into more than 30 years of experience and distills his tools for success into practical, engaging lessons:

  • The art of introductions and edits
  • Different approaches to openers
  • Pros and cons of the back line
  • Why it’s okay to be funny
  • Finding the dominant energy
  • Sustaining a strong character

PLEASE NOTE:  Contains adult language.

(224 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

Hardcover edition also available.  Please call for pricing and details.

Parts available