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The Art of Storytelling
Creative ideas for preparation and performance

By Marsh Cassady


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Storytelling is a common form of communication that people engage in nearly every day.  When elevated to an art, however, a talented storyteller has a spell-binding ability to bring a story to life.  Now, you too can learn the art and weave your own magic.  The wonderful world of storytelling is revealed in this unique resource manual for both beginners and seasoned performers.  Comprehensive in scope, it includes many ideas for finding, writing, adapting, and presenting stories.  The text is divided into three sections:  Choosing Stories to Tell, Developing Original Ideas and Presenting the Story.  Story examples and exercises embellish the text throughout and make it very readable.  Each chapter concludes with discussion questions and activities.  This is a quality comprehensive textbook for oral interpretation.

(288 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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