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Acting for Love & Money
Connecting the craft to the industry

By Gavin Levy and Paul G. Gleason


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This collection of seventy-five acting exercises is designed to prepare actors and acting students for a professional career.  The exercises were created during workshop sessions conducted by the authors with participants of the Paul G.  Gleason Theatre in Hollywood.  Over three hundred hours of recorded sessions were edited to pick the best exercises for developing acting skills.  The book is divided into fifteen sections:  Acting Is Not a Business, But It Can Be Business-Like; The Audience; Technology and Information for the Actor; Fix Yourself, Then Use Yourself; Sound and Vocal Levels; The Storyteller; A Magnetic Personality; Auditioning; Imagination; The Physical Actor; A State of Being; Eureka; Creating a World; Mirror Neurons; and Intimacy and Confrontation.

(240 page, 6 x 9, paperback)

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