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Acting Games for Individual Performers
A comprehensive workbook of 110 acting exercises

By Gavin Levy


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This collection of acting games is different than all those other books of theatre activities because it’s for individual performers, making it ideal for distance learners.  Whether teaching remotely or not, teachers love this book so they can individualize exercises for students based on their needs.  It’s also a great resource if you are a theatre student who wants to delve further into the craft of acting at your own pace.  Twenty-one chapters, each with five or six activities, help individuals focus on specific skills they want to develop as they move forward in their work as an actor.  Each activity defines at least two purposes and offers variables beyond the exercise so it can be utilized in another way.  Discussion questions also allow the individual to break down each game and make further findings.  Each exercise offers a practical benefit for actors in categories as diverse as:  Imagination, Concentration, Voice, Sensory Awareness, Characterization, Prop Exploration, Auditions, Physical Attention and Performance, plus a dozen more.

235 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback

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