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Acting and Stage Movement
For amateurs and professionals

By Edwin C. White and Marguerite Battye


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In one handy volume, you get two complete books!  The first 80-some pages are dedicated to Acting, aiming to assist those who wish to act.  The larger, second book is where you’ll most appreciate the value of this book:  an incredibly extensive, illustrated tutorial on Stage Movement and Postures.  We’ve never seen another book as detailed as this one!  Every phase of motion — sitting, walking and standing — is addressed in great detail, breaking down the feet, hand, arm, eyes, and head.  Several chapters explore the effects of age — youth, middle, or old age — on these same movements and body parts.  Additional chapters address exits and entrances, emotional range, relaxation and tension, and stage embraces.  Simple sketches make the concepts easy to grasp and learn for both novice and experienced actors of all ages.

(208 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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