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275 Acting Games: Connected
A comprehensive workbook of theatre games for developing acting skills

By Gavin Levy


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With 275 all-new games divided into 33 categories — body awareness, concentration and focus, improvisation, mime, and much more — this book is a great bargain for the price.  You even get five monologues as a bonus.  Like his earlier book, each of the exercises includes a defined purpose, a description of the game, discussion guidelines, and teaching variation suggestions.  This book goes one step further and provides an “industry connection” for every game.  This new Industry Connection paragraph consists of real-life examples and discussion aids connected to the acting profession, designed to promote growth and motivate actors to excel.  The depth that this book delves into with each exercise gives instructors of all experience levels the tools they need to teach techniques, hold group discussions, and guide students with leading questions.  Levy’s observations are based on over 20 years of experience training students to meet the differing challenges of the stage, the screen, and broadcasting.  This is truly a comprehensive resource for teachers who want to help their students connect to the modern craft of acting.

(375 pages, 6 x 9, paperback)

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