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Let’s Put on a Show!
A beginner’s text or DVD theatre workshop for young actors

By Adrea Gibbs


Cover of
A beginner’s theatre handbook for young actors

Theatre is a tremendous way to enhance anyone’s naturally creative spirit.  This fully illustrated textbook is a must for young would-be thespians to discover the basics of theatre.  The book covers a broad array of topics — scripting, casting, staging, sets and scenery, props, costumes, and makeup — as well as the basics of backstage and technical elements.  Containing everything a young actor needs to get a running start in the world of theatre, this text is loaded with creative activities which can be done as individual projects or collectively to form a show.
(176 pages, 8½ x 11, paperback)

A beginner’s DVD theatre workshop for young actors

The DVD serves either as a complement to the text or as a stand-alone resource.  Divided into sections — Creating a Show, What Is a Show?, Rehearsals, Sets, Props, Costumes, Makeup, The Show, Favorites, and more — each topic is demonstrated for quick and easy comprehension of theatre essentials and will hold the attention of even the youngest thespians.
(DVD, approx.  75 minutes)

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