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Theatre Games - DVD
Exercises for Learning Acting Skills

By Adrea Gibbs


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How do you set up a theatre game and actually play it?  There are many books that describe theatre games, and even some that show illustrations.  But the only way to really understand how to conduct a theatre game is to see it in action.  On this DVD, Adrea Gibbs directs a workshop for students of all ages in a series of creative games for learning acting skills such as Imagination, Observation, Emotional Expressiveness, Listening, Teamwork, Trust, Improvisation, Scene Structure and Development, Focus, and Confidence.  This DVD demonstrates over fifteen games and variations:  Name Game, Animal Farm, A Simple Piece of Fabric, Emotion Tag, Mime Alley, Improv Starters, The Bench, Concentration, The Orchestra, This Is A..., and more.  A 20 page accompanying workbook provides written instructions for these games.  Theatre games are an excellent resource for learning basic acting skills, and this DVD is an excellent resource for learning how to lead them.

(DVD, approx.  90 minutes; includes 20 page workbook)

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DVD and workbook978-1-56608-174-0$29.95

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