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Who’s Afraid of the Big Bad Prince?

Age Level: Middle Grades to High School
Cast: 12F, 6M, 1 F or M
Time: About 60 minutes, 2 acts

Poor Cinderella! Her cranky Prince has mysteriously lost all of his charm at a bad time. She’s hosting an engagement party for Snow White’s stepmother, Queen Foraday, and her intended, King Pynn. Desperate, she calls her Fairy Godmother, who asks Jack the Giant Killer to check the castle for parasites and begs the Little Mermaid to test the drinking water. She even has Little Red Riding Hood check the Prince to see if he’s been bitten by the Big Bad Wolf. But he’s only been a grump since he got his new iPhone with more killer apps than anyone. He’s become totally dependent on them. They find the evil Queen has returned to her old ways and cast a spell to steal the Prince’s charm through the happy face app to make herself more charming. At the party, they confront her. She restores the Prince’s charm and he becomes the life of the party! Easy to stage with two simple sets. Lots of fun for performers and audience alike!

This title is now carried by Pioneer Drama Service.  Click here to order on Pioneer's web site.