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Sherlock Holmes: Vampire Hunter

Age Level: Middle Grades to High School
Cast: 11F, 4M, 1 F or M
Time: About 90 minutes, 2 acts

Here’s a new twist on the Sherlock Holmes saga. Lady Crispin’s granddaughter Winifred has cut off her family after enrolling in Madame Yulia’s Finishing School for Girls. Watson has a broken leg so he send his niece Dotty (with a cowgirl accent) to be Holmes’ assistant. She enrolls in the finishing school and gets Sherlock hired as a handyman. They find that Yulia has hypnotized the girls to help her rob the British Museum. But when he tells Inspector Lestrode, he’s arrested for the murder of his neighbor Major Bombast, who’s been drained of all his blood. Holmes dresses in drag to escape Lestrode, then follows Yulia and the girls to the museum. There, they steal the ring of her dead husband Drac. Yulia can now raise "Drac Yulla" from the grave. But Dotty saves the day, and delivers Yulia to a dumbfounded Lestrode and Holmes. A hilarious show full of twists and comical stage action. Full of suspense and lots of laughs.

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