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Teaching Choreography for the Amateur Stage

Cover of Between Hisses                                                             Between Hisses

This is a collection of authentic sing-alongs, theme music for melodrama characters and olio numbers.  Also included is a section of illustrated gestures, which have become associated with melodramas.

Cover of Getting Your Kicks! Getting Your Kicks!
A beginner’s guide to choreography
An incomparable resource for creating an endless number of choreographic combinations.

Cover of Melodrama: Beyond the Boos and Hisses                                      Melodrama:  Beyond the Boos and Hisses
or...  Never Be Foiled Again!  An Amateur’s Video Guide to Melodrama
The professional actors on this instructional video will demonstrate for both director and actors all the exclusive aspects that make melodrama a unique form of theatre.

Cover of Royalty-Free Theme Music Royalty-Free Theme Music
Now you can add the magical music of Bill Francouer to enrich even your non-musical productions!

Cover of Step By Step Instructional DVD   Step By Step Instructional DVD
An Amateur’s Video Guide to Choreography
No matter what your level of experience — if you think you have two left feet or if you’re a fledgling Fred Astaire — this video will help you.