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Directing Plays in Schools, Community Theatres and Professional Theaters

Cover of Between Hisses                                                             Between Hisses

This is a collection of authentic sing-alongs, theme music for melodrama characters and olio numbers.  Also included is a section of illustrated gestures, which have become associated with melodramas.

Cover of Break a Leg! Break a Leg!
An introductory guide to stage directing
This DVD is so comprehensive that you will want everyone on your proudction team to view it so that each person will understand how their role fits into the total production.

Cover of Directing for the Stage Directing for the Stage
A workshop guide of 42 creative training exercises and projects
The only directing text that combines theory with hands-on learning.

Cover of The Director’s Eye The Director’s Eye
A comprehensive how-to textbook for directors and actors
An inspirational and informative approach to directing that will serve as a lifelong career reference.

Cover of The Drama Teacher’s Survival Guide The Drama Teacher’s Survival Guide
A complete handbook for play production
Written specifically for the middle school or high school drama director, this book this book tells everything you need to know to produce a play.

Cover of The Drama Teacher’s Survival Guide #2 The Drama Teacher’s Survival Guide #2
Activities, exercises, and techniques for the theatre classroom
This book is an incredible resource both to new drama teachers searching for inspiration and experienced drama teachers looking to spice up their lesson plans, and reproducible forms, tests, and handouts add even more value to this survival kit.

Cover of Melodrama: Beyond the Boos and Hisses                                      Melodrama:  Beyond the Boos and Hisses
or...  Never Be Foiled Again!  An Amateur’s Video Guide to Melodrama
The professional actors on this instructional video will demonstrate for both director and actors all the exclusive aspects that make melodrama a unique form of theatre.

Cover of Play Directing in the School                                               Play Directing in the School
A Drama Director’s Survival Guide
This text details the world of producing plays in schools.  Whether it’s budgeting, scheduling or the motivating and management of students, this is a must for anyone in an educational institution.

Cover of PlayDate PlayDate
A parent's and teacher's guide to putting on a play
Calling all moms (and dads, grandmas, grandpas, aunts and uncles too!)  who have volunteered to help put on a play at their kids’ school!

Cover of Staging Musicals for Young Performers                                      Staging Musicals for Young Performers
How to produce a show in 36 sessions or less
This step-by-step guidebook starts at the very beginning-selecting a musical, planning your rehearsal schedule, teaching theatrical basics, and introducing your chosen musical to the group.

Cover of Theatre Talk Theatre Talk
An illustrated dictionary of theatre terms
Newly revised, this book is a must for your theatre library!