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More One Act Plays for Acting Students
More complete one-act plays for acting students

Edited by Norman A. Bert and Deb Bert


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The success of One-Act Plays for Acting Students prompted this follow-up book of twenty-five contemporary short dramas by nationally known playwrights.  Each play has a production time of ten to fifteen minutes, yet each script is a complete work — no cuttings.  Most plays are for two actors-one woman and one man.  Also included are plays for two women, two men, three actors and monologs.  No other play anthology offers as wide a selection of characterizations.  Twenty-three contemporary American playwrights are represented, including William Borden, Juliann Bernstein and Bryan Hametiaux.  Also featured are sections on Securing Rights for Your Production and Rehearsing the Play, a booklist of rehearsal helps and a list of additional scripts by the anthology playwrights.  These plays are also excellent for forensics, competition and classroom use.  Some plays include I Wanna Be a Cowboy by John Tuttle, Hangman by William Borden, and The Lemonade Stand by Bryan Hametiaux.

(308 pages, 5½ x 8½, paperback)

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