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Teaching and Performing Improvisation in Schools and Theatre Workshops

Cover of Acting Games                                                               Acting Games
Improvisations and Exercises
This book of acting games and improvisations will assist students in developing their creative abilities.  For everyone, all of the essential elements of acting and character development are explored.

Cover of Art by Committee: A Guide to Advanced Improvisation Art by Committee:  A Guide to Advanced Improvisation
A sequel to ”Truth in Comedy”
The sequel to the best-selling book Truth in Comedy, including a DVD that features performances by several famous improv groups.

Cover of The Art of Mime The Art of Mime
This internationally known mime artist explains and demonstrates the principles of three mime forms:  Illusion Pantomime, Corporeal Mime, and Mime with Masks.

Cover of Behind the Scenes Behind the Scenes
Improvising Long Form
In this follow-up to his highly regarded book Improvise.  Scene from the Inside Out, globally acclaimed improviser, director, and instructor Mick Napier focuses on the complexities and theories of long form improvisation.

Cover of Comedy Improvisation Comedy Improvisation
Exercises & techniques for young actors
This book presents fun comic improvisation exercises and structures, ranging from the very simple and basic to the very sophisticated, which require considerable skill to pull off.

Cover of Drama Games and Improvs Drama Games and Improvs
Games for the classroom and beyond
What could be better than a book of 137 drama games adaptable to all age groups?  How about if they were incorporated into lesson plan format that can help you in a classroom?

Cover of Funny Business                                                             Funny Business
An introduction to comedy with royalty-free plays and sketches
This overview of high and low comedy defines all comedy genres:  absurdism, tragicomedy, farce, and melodrama.  A discussion precedes each type of comedy illustrated, explaining the comic devices used.

Cover of Group Improvisation                                                        Group Improvisation
The manual of ensemble improv games
This book of games on team-building contains over 40 improv games for developing group chemistry.  It helps heighten awareness, break the ice and increase concentration.

Cover of Improve With Improv!                                                       Improve With Improv! 
A Guide to Improvisation and Character Development
This book is a complete improvisational curriculum program divided into workshops.  Each workshop contains exercises designed to help students focus on one aspect of a character’s personality.

Cover of Improvisation for Actors and Writers Improvisation for Actors and Writers
A guidebook for improv lessons in comedy
Far more than simply an overview of improv comedy, this book helps actors, writers, and comedians learn the basics as taught in all the major comedy schools.

Cover of Improvisations in Creative Drama Improvisations in Creative Drama
A program of workshops and dramatic sketches for students
There are two books in one here, making for an ideal classroom text.  The two parts of the book can be used simultaneously, with the 14 dramatic sketches reinforcing the skills introduced in the two dozen lessons.

Cover of Improvise. Improvise.
Scene from the Inside Out, Second Edition
This expanded and revised edition has a new foreword by The Late Show host Stephen Colbert, additional advice and tips for success, and a full reproduction of Mick Napier’s web journal.

Cover of The Mastery of Mimodrame The Mastery of Mimodrame
An In-depth Study of Mime Technique
This video and workbook program presents a comprehensive series of mime exercises for student practice and review.

Cover of The Mastery of Mimodrame II The Mastery of Mimodrame II
A masterclass in mime
This video studies techniques in depth such as hand designs to create illusion, marches, the theory of Axis, Projections and Translations, and Pivots.

Cover of The Mastery of Mimodrame III The Mastery of Mimodrame III
A continuing masterclass in mime
Advanced mime concepts and techniques, introduced and explained step by step, and shown clearly on the DVD.

Cover of More Theatre Games for Young Performers More Theatre Games for Young Performers
Improvisations and exercises for developing acting skills
Anyone working with young actors will find this theatre book exceptionally helpful.  The concepts of pantomime, improvisation, character development, voice, and body control are all presented in game formats with exercises.

Cover of So You Think You’re Funny? So You Think You’re Funny?
A Students’ Guide to Improv Comedy
From creating a troupe to treating your audience right, this is the only book that can make its readers show-worthy.

Cover of Spontaneous Performance                                                    Spontaneous Performance
Acting through Improv
Over 300 improvisational exercises and theatre games are offered to develop creative abilities and acting skills.  Many different types of improvs are presented, ranging from serious to hilarious.

Cover of Theatre Games for Young Performers                                         Theatre Games for Young Performers
Improvisations and exercises for developing acting skills
Any classroom teacher or group leader who wants to incorporate drama into an educational program will find this book concise and comprehensive.

Cover of Truth in Comedy Truth in Comedy
The manual of improvisation
The manual of improvisation described by Bill Murray to be ’the most important group work since they built the pyramids.’

Cover of The Ultimate Improv Book                                           The Ultimate Improv Book
A complete guide to comedy improvisation
This text provides the tools you need to start an improvisational team or club at your school.  The book presents a complete improv curriculum program divided into valuable class-length units.